Tuesday, March 08, 2005

updates on bro's condition

according to the doc, the growth found underneath bro's skull is not the cause of seizures, coz it is between his eyes n nose, not in his brain... hmm... so what caused his fits? still dunno yet.

anyway, now we'll be getting a second opinion on the growth. the pantai neurologist will also compare bro's scan from last year with this year's to determine when the growth appear. could it be a blood clot from his motorbike accident last time?

and abt his seizures, he did some tests today to determine if his brain will be stable enough for his china trip next week. his company will be sending him for a working trip to china for 2 weeks. after all said n done, he still wanna go... so now waiting for the test results to see if he can go or not lor...

hey ppl, dun worry abt me. i'm fine (still)... as long as the test results are not out yet, we still have hope. so just praying hard!

on a lighter note, met up with ss n kh for dinner tonight. really nice to see them! actually ss called me on sunday to meet up, but i was kinda bz, so suggested today. then kh sms-ed me yesterday, asked me if i'm free for dinner. so i asked him how abt the 3 of us meet up! really appreciate their effort to keep in touch. we went to tgi friday... and shared a mudpie among 3 of us, coz too full to eat it all by myself. erm, the mudpie not that great lar, tho really sinful.

also, ben called me just now, asking me if i'll take care of his doggie for 6 weeks... err, or was it his gf's doggie? can't really hear properly, coz too noisy. anyway, really tempted to say yes... *sigh... but kenot lar. my housemates would kill me!!!