Friday, March 11, 2005

friday nite...

well, i should be at the skating rink right now, but didn't go. coz the rest of my group members not going, so decided not to go also. so boring skating alone.

neeways, heard from another colleague that she's leaving... had an offer with a higher pay (RM1k higher! - who wouldn't leave?) *sigh... y am i still stuck here??? when will my break come?

no updates abt bro... lots of ppl've been e-mailing me, my cousins n also aunty malee (dad's ole college fren) asking me abt his condition. i'm so far away and mom's no help on the phone coz she can't remember so many of the tests (with obscure names) done on him. well, will be going home tomorrow, so maybe i'll have more details then.

neeways, heard a clg said today that there's a centre teaching yoga near my place... actually i've been thinking of learning yoga for a very long time. maybe i should go and find out abt this centre.