Thursday, March 24, 2005

still in a daze...


still can't believe it! n so fast too! actually i took another 1/2 day off today to go for my other interview. but i dun think they'll consider me, coz my expected salary is too high.

neeways, after the interview, i went to 1Utama to wait for my clgs to finish work, coz we wanted to have a farewell dinner for one of my clgs. was just walking ard aimlessly when i got a call from the marketing manager. he told me that he's read my write-up and obviously they liked it. "i've never seen anything like it". hahahaha... actually after sending it out yesterday, i thought maybe it'll be a tad too childish for them! so was kinda worried a little... looks like i've been worrying for nothing!

so the marketing manager said a contract has been couriered out to me from terengganu (their plant there), but it contained some errors... so asked me to just ignore the errors, as they'll be sending me a new contract. anyway, they're offering me a 2 year contract and after that, they'll propose to the mother company to make me a permanent staff. but my contract comes with the usual benefits enjoyed by permanent staff such as annual leave and medical coverage. forgot to ask abt epf though. will remember to ask later.

oh, did i mention that this is a subsidiary company for a petroleum company in m'sia? we (ahem! it's WE now. kekeke...) export materials for making plastic to countries like south africa, china etc. the office is located on the 14th floor of a certain tower in klcc. luckily i'm not the superstitious type (14 - sat sei [sure die]). but just to be safe, TOUCH WOOD!! or the more chinese method, CHOY!! hehehe...

n they're expecting me to report for work on the 16th of april (that's another error, as 16th of april is a saturday). i think they want me to join them b4 the current corporate com gal leaves, so that i'd get to learn something from her n to 'inherit' the job from her. but i need to give 1 month's notice at my current company, so i'd have to utilize my remaining annual leave days. which means i won't get any break in between the job transition.

but here comes the best part. they offered me RM200 more than my expected salary!!! now which crazy company would do that kinda thing? so happy to hear that! hmm... could it be because i mentioned abt the expensive parking n food at klcc in my write-up? either that or they're expecting me to work like hell!

anyway, the marketing manager told me there's a corporate com training coming up in may n he's arranged for me to attend. great huh?

so now the worries... to drive to work? take lrt? pack lunch to work? eat out? dress code? n gosh, their working hours ia from 8-5. 8am!!! normally i'll still be sleeping at this hour! this is something i'd need to get used to, as my current company starts work at 10. need to adjust my biological clock. ah well, we can't get everything perfect.

really need to thank t for forwarding me that e-mail. she's asking for lobster... hahaha... hey t, no problemo! grin