Tuesday, March 29, 2005

another disaster!

gosh! i felt the earthquake from my apartment! was doing my freelance work in front of my pc at around 12.15 when i suddenly feel like i'm swaying... i thought i was dizzy! then i heard my housemate's wind-chimes tinkling, n i thought the wind is extra strong, until the whole building is swaying to the puffs. but when i looked out, the trees weren't moving. so it couldn't be the wind! then i went to ask if my housemates felt the tremor and one of them said yes! she thought she's dizzy from lack of sleep or tiredness! so we rushed to the windows n looked down. there were quite a lot of people at the parking lot, ard 15 of them. it was really scary! we kept leaning against the wall to 'confirm' if it's really a tremor. after abt 5 minutes, we decided to go downstairs as well, lest the building collapse! so we hurriedly went to off our pc, gather our wallets, phones n car keys and rushed out of the house. on the way down in the lift, i can see my housemate actually trembling! gosh... so scary!

downstairs, more ppl are coming down. some neighbours asked us if we felt anything. one gal was sleeping when she felt it! anyway, no one knew what happened... so we started calling our frens who live in apartments n condos to ask them if they felt it too. my ex-clg in puchong felt it, but sc didn't feel it in damansara. she told me it was felt in penang and cyberjaya.

anyway, waited for about 1/2 hour down there n then decide to come back upstairs. by then, there were at least 100 ppl down there. turned on the tv to cnn and saw that a 8.2 earthquake happened in sumatra 1/2 hour ago! gosh! we actually felt it while it was happening! so can imagine how fast the tremor travels... so scary...

then N called me, telling me her uncle in penang had to be evacuated from his apartment coz the tremor was really bad there... according to cnn, it's an aftershock from the boxing day earthquake last year... gosh, so long oredi, still have aftershock? really sad for the ppl in sumatra, as they're now still in the recovering process and then another disaster hit them! what a catastrophe! *shudder*