Tuesday, March 22, 2005

first impressions

took a half day off from work today to go for that interview i mentioned previously. when i was getting my pass at the front counter of tower 1, the girl gave me an “are-you-sure-how-come-i-don’t-know-of-any-interview” sort of look and asked me, “what floor? looking for whom? do you know her extension?” hmm… sounds as if they’re not used to having people going up for interviews?

anyway, i had my interview in the ceo's office, a room with a great view of the concrete jungle of kl outside! and my two interviewers were quite nice guys who asked practical questions, unlike some nasty ones who like to shoot you with unoriginal questions like, “so, where do you see yourself in 20 years?” duh!

overall, the interview went ok (i think!), sort of like a 2 way thingy, with them briefing me about the company and the job functions and asking me questions about my current job/company and stuff like that.

basically, my job (IF i get it) would include handling the company newsletter, press releases, event coverage etc… normal corporate communications stuff. AND doing some marketing stuff as well. well, marketing is a field i’m totally clueless about, but it seemed like something i’d like to explore. a growing and branching out opportunity for me, maybe? at first, i was somewhat apprehensive about this, as i didn’t think i’m quite the right person for the post, but after today’s interview, i’m of a different mind. i think i’d like to give it a go. this could be the answer to my prayers all these while – a challenging and yet fulfilling job. there’s so much i can learn here.

well, the job includes traveling opportunities as well (once in a while), which is really cool, and my interviewers mentioned something about sending people for trainings and seminars. personally, i think a company who is willing to send their employees for trainings/seminar/talks is a company with vision, where they want their staff to grow together with the company. it’s a win-win situation. the staff of a company is, after all, the company’s greatest asset. also, they’re working a 5-day week! after having to trudge through 4 years of working on alternate ½ saturdays, a 5-day week job will be pure bliss!

as for the location, it’s total coolness! it’s like the heart of kl, the landmark, the icon! but as with everything, it comes with a price. and that price can be real pricey, in terms of food and transportation. i parked my car in the basement for just 2.5 hours and the parking came to be RM6.50!!! gosh! maybe i should consider taking the LRT if i get the offer.

after the interview, i grabbed a sandwich for my dinner and headed home at about 6pm. but OMG! the jam! it’s something horrible... but then again, we have to remember it’s kl. therefore, it’s unavoidable… ok, i’m DEFINITELY taking the LRT! keeping my fingers crossed abt the job!