Saturday, February 26, 2005

woo-hoo, saturday at last!

hehehe... can't contain my joy...

let's see, what will i be doing this weekend? as of now, after i log off, i'm gonna watch some vcds. it's a taiwanese series, 'love on the aegean sea' or 'ching ding ai ching hai'. but there's a korean actress in it, cute Chai Lin (or Chae Rim in korean)from 'all about eve'. she's so slim n pretty now... n cute!

chae_rim chae_rim

but i'm taking way too long with this series, due to lack of time. i can only steal 2-3 hours per week to watch it... at the rate i'm going, i think i'll need at least 3 months to go thru the 40 episodes! hmm... luckily my cousin is in no hurry to have the series back (it belongs to my sg cousin; she has a large collection of such series, most of them korean).

then tomorrow,... i mean in the morning, i'll be going to the dentist. there's this chip on my front tooth that has been there for i dunno how long. i can't even remember how it got there in the first place! anyway, i've kinda accepted it being that way all these while, until one day a fren mentioned that i can actually get it filled to be whole again! gosh! why didn't anyone tell me that before? and it's not even an expensive procedure! so gonna go do it tomorrow... hehehe...

on sunday, has promised to go for the mph clearance sale with N. it started today (i mean yesterday, friday), but we can't go coz it closes at 7 and i get off work only at 6.30. some more we had ice skating... then can't go on sat coz N has to attend a whole-day seminar. so sunday lor... hopefully there'll still be some good books left for us. last year we went on a sunday too, and even tho the crowd's not so great as compared to the first 2 days, the whole place's a mess! but with patience, we were still able to find 1-2 books to buy. hopefully this year will not be so messy and will have more books on bargain, as there are a few books that i've been wanting to buy.

so that's all for my weekend. oh yeah, i'm on duty this week. so gotta clean house this weekend too... *shucks!