Monday, February 28, 2005

opps... i did it again!

when will i ever learn?? slept at 3am yesterday. gosh, what a bad way to start off the week... urgh!

actually my schedule for the weekend was just right, but was delayed by something that's a total waste of time... so ended up cleaning house n room until 11pm yesterday! then had to finish up some work, until 3am lor. shit lar... i'll never waste my time on such meaningless thing anymore, which dun even leave me satisfied in the first place!

neeways... went for the mph warehouse sales as planned... they have more books compared to last year, tho not all are there. i can't find most of the books i had in mind. bought 4 novels, 3 biographies, 2 reference books and 1 vcd. kekeke... but i didn't go to have my teeth fixed coz the dentist wasn't in. will try again next time.

n oh gosh... i think the stupid %$^)*&+*#(*&$@ IT manager is reading my e-mails n my blog. y i suspect this? coz this morning, he walked into my dept and i greeted him as usual in my fake cheerfulness in seeing him. he didn't even take a good look at me, but straight away said, 'hi, how come ur eyes are getting darker by the day?' so means he read my e-mails where i sent out my blog url to my frens... then go to that url to read the blog! remember me talking abt my dark rings? gosh!!! if he's so free, y don't he utilise his time on more meaningful stuff, such as upgrading his IT skills (which he thinks he's already reached the highest level, but is actually just the tip of the iceberg), his ppl managing skills (which really sucks!), or read the newspaper to know more about the current events (which he never does). sod him, man! really HATE him! i'd have used a 'stronger' n more 'bombastic' word on him, but why should i degrade myself in using profanities on him?