Friday, January 14, 2005

new phone!

i got a new phone!!! so happy!!! it's nokia 6260 with loads of features, namely digital vga camera, mobile email, quickword and quickpoint for viewing documents, html internet browser, bluetooth wireless technology, push-to-talk with dedicated side key, tri-band operation for networks on five continents, fm radio and mp3 player and a number of try and buy applications preloaded on the mmc memory card... but not yet get it, coz they dun have it in the colour i want. hopefully will get it by sunday.


will add on extra memory as well... can't wait to get it! as for my current 8310, i've found a buyer for rm150... gosh! imagine i got it for ard rm1.5k last time! actually, i really like my 8310. it's still so new and in such a good condition. i've taken really good care of it. gonna miss it... *sob*sob* hope its new owner would treat it good...

anyway, was reading mico's blog yesterday and her blog brought me to her fren's blog... so i read it as well... there, the author touched on the topic of gays, so i added a comment... it's kinda long, more of like an essay than a comment! :Þ anyway, here's what i wrote:

can't help giving my 2 cent's worth after reading this... hehehe... hope u dun mind. i'm huei's fren, btw.well, i think gays n les are pitiful enuf as it is, in the sense that they had to struggle with their confusion abt their true self. n when they finally decide on who they really r, we should embrace them, for they have found themselves and r truly happy at last. isn't happiness what each n every one of us r seeking in our lives?

in most asian societies, many still associate gays n les with 'dirty sex' n 'abnormal sexual acts'. but in actual fact, they are just ordinary ppl leading normal lives who happen to have a different sexual preference from other ppl. who r we to determine what is normal and what is not? it's because of the scorn from society that drove them to become prostitutes n other acts in their desperation for survival.

no offence to christianity, but IMHO religion should exist for the sake of the ppl, and not the other way round. if someone is happy and it doesn't harm other ppl, why must it be a taboo or a sin? happiness is the keyword here.

hehehe... ok, sorry for such a long comment. i'm always passionate abt such topics and will get so worked-up! coz there r some ppl close to me that r still suffering from such social stigma. some chose to hide it while others have no other choice but to go underground, cutting off all contacts from they old life. really sad...