Tuesday, January 18, 2005

foul mood

went to pasar malam yesterday with sc n b... hmm... kinda sorry i agreed to go, coz was not in a good mood yesterday. tired and dispirited. was glad to see sc, but not in the mood for any of b's stupid jokes n insults. anyway, sc n i in the same mood... juz sien of work.

going for an interivew later, taking half day leave today. but i dun think i'd like this job very much. so just go for fun lar, see how's the market like.

been rather down lately... lost all zest for life. the road ahead looks rather bleak and never ending, with no forks or bends along the way... where am i heading to? where am i to go from here? is this all there is to it? part of the reason for my state is work. another part is... hmm... i think only H knows abt that other part. dun feel like writing abt that here, too personal.

i have to do something lar... kenot keep wallowing in self-pity... but it's all so overwhelming. *sigh...