Wednesday, January 05, 2005

more abt my internet case...

this morning, when i was in the lobby of my company building going into the lift, i saw that idiot coming from the opposite direction. he saw me and was looking at me coldly, expecting me to return his coldness. but i immediately flashed my brightest smile, waved at him n greeted him good morning (quite loudly, coz he was a distance away from me). then when i got into the lift, i pressed the door open button to wait for him. he walked quite slowly, most prob wanna avoid getting into the same lift with me. but when he saw that i'm waiting for him, he walked faster and had to ride the lift with me.

in the lift, i (overenthusiastically) asked him, 'KG, ni hao! KG, zhui jin ni hao ma?' (how r u, are you fine nowadays?). he was kinda surprised at how i'm treating him. he answered 'bu shi hen hao' (not so good). so i answered him, 'aiyo, ke-lian loh' (aiyo, pity you) and added 'ni shui de hao ma?' (have you been sleeping soundly?). he answered, 'bu shi hen hao. mei you shui dao' (not so good. in fact, i didn't sleep at all). again i answered 'aiyo, ke-lian loh'. at this point, the lift had reached to my floor, so i got out. hahaha...

then throughout the day, whenever i meet him, i'll flash my smile and (always overenthusiastically) wave and greet him 'Hello KG! KG ni hao!' those clgs who knew abt my case had to hide their laughter. he must be fuming at my cheerfulness, coz he thought i'd be angry and will treat him coldly. that's reversed psychology for u!

anyway, he didn't free up my network in the morning. but i still made as tho' it didn't bother me. it was only after ard 4pm that i discovered my network's been opened up. so i resumed my work, careful to use only the online dictionary.

then later, i e-mailed Biow abt the skates bag she mentioned in my previous blog. so Biow sent me some links (3) with pics n their prices for me to view. but once i finished viewing those links, i got a network msg from the moron, going something like, "pls don't stick to the internet your whole life, sue imoto-san!"

gawd!! he's really monitoring me! i just visited 3 bloody links and i got a msg. he's too free izzit?? stupid fella.