Monday, January 03, 2005

i bought my skates!

at last, i went ahead n got it, a Risport RF4 model... but the price hiked! my frens got it at RM550, but i had to pay RM600 for it. the fella who sold it to me said they have to raise the price coz the exchange rate for pounds went up. shucks!

anyway, i have not sold my piano yet. but i can't wait anymore. the more advanced i get in skating, the more i'll be used to the skates provided by the rink. so i have to start getting used to my own skates b4 i get 'too attached' to the rink skates. even today, after getting my skates, i went for practice with it. gosh! i feel as if i can't skate anymore! the blades are so sharp compared to the rink skates that it took me sometime to get the hang of it. even so, i still can't skate as well as with the rink skates. still a bit awkward with it. and as with some new shoes, it'll hurt when we wear it for the first few times. so i need to bear with the pain for a few lessons b4 it gets seasoned out. hmm... now i kinda regret waiting until now to get it. first is the price hike, then it's the getting used to. now i feel as if i need to relearn all my steps!

well, every pleasure comes with a price. guess i'll have to survive on bread n water this month. but i won't let it dampen my spirit. still pretty excited abt my new skates!

*for those of u who's wondering, i paid by cash, not charge it on credit. so dun worry abt my debts, but my empty stomach!