Saturday, January 01, 2005

heralding 2005

hmm... i think today is the first time in history there's no massive traffic jam towards kl on new year's eve. my housemates went to kl today n on their way back, they expected to see swarms of cars converging to kl. but all were quiet and clear... it's even quieter than normal weekends! i guess most ppl are heeding the PM's advice of canceling all celebrations this year in showing respect for all the victims in the Sumatra earthquake and its aftermath. really a big blast of an ending for 2004.

closer to home, i also had a stinking ending to 2004, brought on by a certain childish, immature and vengeful individual in my company. but i'm not too worried, coz it's a small matter. i have a clear conscience over this n i believe good will triumph over evil in the end.

happy new year!