Wednesday, January 12, 2005

hmm... where did it go?

i e-mailed a blog from the office today... but it didn't show up here. wonder where is it now... lost in the www? *wondering*

anyway, been actively searching for jobs lately... considered many possibilities too. maybe go into other lines previously not considered before. never try never know mar...

will blog abt y suddenly i'm so eager to leave later, most prob after i leave lar... coz the other day, X told me most prob my IT manager is already reading my blog, coz he definitely will have my blog addy in his data! it only depends on whether he's so free and 'wu-liao' to wanna check out each n every dem site i visit. so that's y it's not so convenient to blog abt y i wanna leave. shit man, can't even be straight n honest in my own blog. have to hold back something.... so sien.