Tuesday, December 07, 2004

pray pray pray...

i've promised a fren that i'd only think abt buying my skating boots if i sell off my digital piano successfully... it's not that i dun THINK abt it everyday... what i mean is consider buying it lar.

then yesterday, a guy named Sam called me to enquire abt my piano (hooray!!!). another fren, J helped me advertised it in the internet and this Sam saw it. but i was really stupid lar... *sigh...

actually, this Sam contacted me months ago; he's looking for a piano for his daughter. at that time, i told him that the piano is going for RM4K (J advertised it for RM4.3k!). so this Sam said he'll have to come down to KL (he's from Penang) to have a look at it b4 making any decision. so i said ok, and would wait for his call to make arrangements for him to view the thing. but he didn't call me again, so i thought he lost interest or has found another piano for his daughter.

after quite some time without anyone showing interest for my advert, i thought maybe the price i quoted is too high (as told to me by some of my frens). so i turun harga n told everyone that i'm letting it go at RM3k.

but yesterday, this Sam called me again and asked if i've sold it. i said no. then he asked me how much would i be selling it... i didn't think and stupidly told him RM3k!!! OMG!!! dem stupid man! can't believe myself!!! my sales skills really sucks, man!

then Sam asked abt the transportation and also expressed his anxiety for the piano, if it'll withstand the journey... when i hesitated (by saying: "erm... transportation ar?..."), he told me that J said the transportation would be no problem (he contacted J first b4 calling me last time. it was J who asked him to call me directly). J is into sourcing n buying n selling, so he has a lot of contacts in that area. last time when i asked him, he said he'll help me arrange everything. but problem is, now J is not to be found! i think he's gone overseas or something... anyway, when Sam mentioned that J said transportation would not be a problem, isn't he implying that i should bear the cost for it?

so i called up the professional piano mover n enquired abt sending the piano up to penang... they said it's abt RM800 per trip, but if i'm willing to wait and share the trip (meaning let my piano share the lorry with other pianos), then it'll be ard RM350-400. shucks!

so now i'm thinking of telling Sam that i memang wanted to let it go at 3k and the reason J put it up for 4.3k was because he said he'll handle all the transportation for me. but now he's not in the country, so i have to handle everything. then maybe ask Sam if he's willing to bear half of the transportation cost with me... hmm... if half of the cost, it's only RM200 mar... dunno if he'll agree...

really really hope this deal will go thru... praying hard!

this is how my 'white elephant' looks like: