Tuesday, December 21, 2004

my first cake!

made my first cake the other day... hehehe... note that i said 'made' and not 'baked', coz it's a non-bake version! anyway, it's a choc chip oreos cheese cake! really rich n sinful! kekeke... but i gotta say, it tasted pretty good for a novice!

anyway, some of u may ask: "y suddenly wanna make cake?"... "make cake for who?" i know some of u may even be thinking i have a new bf hidden away n i'm making the cake to impress him! HA! wrong! truth is, i've always wanted to try my hands at baking... but have not gotten round to it (like so many other things i wanna do!)

then thanks to biow and my fren N, who supplied me with the recipe, tips and advices... i finally did it! but it's not as easy as they said it would be... maybe coz i dun have all those baking 'gadgets'. did it all with a whisk, which made my hands cramped from all those stirring n mixing... below are some pics... presentation not that nice tho'.

view from top... with the crushed oreos as garnishings...


side view... i was afraid to slide the cake off from the aluminium pan... so i just cut out the sides around the cake, just left the bottom part at below.


cut out view... can see the biji-biji of choc chips inside? fattening man!! hehehe...

cut_out cut_out