Friday, October 08, 2004

rush rush...

hmm... been pretty quiet here in my blog lately... this has been a really bz week for me... when i was driving to work this morning, i was reflecting abt my week: "wow! so fast friday oredi! where have the week gone?"

i found that i'm constantly rushing... rush to work, rush to RC, rush to ice-skating... but wat i hate most is rushing home to WORK everyday. urgh!!! the end of the day should be a time u look forward to, where u know u'll be going home to relax and unwind. maybe watch some tv or read some book or listen to some music. or maybe on the way back, u'd want to pop into some cafe for some drinks or drop by at ur fren's to exchange some news... but nnnoooooo... i'm forever rushing home to work. wherever i am, whatever i do, at the back of my mind, there's always this nagging voice that keeps reminding me i still have work undone. constant nag nag nag... urgh!!! really hate it!

the only time i'm not rushing is when i'm in the office! now, isn't that an irony??? maybe i should reflect on my job! hahahahahaha...

but with our company's convention round the corner and the magazine at its last stage b4 publication, things are beginning to 'liven' up a little! luckily my boss has yet to demand that i work overtime. if i have to work overtime, then it'll be more rushing for me!!

*sigh... is there NO WAY out of all these?