Tuesday, October 19, 2004

over and done with

i think i'm finally healed... i find that i don't think of him that often anymore. even if i do, it's only when i'm comparing him to someone else, and that too, he always ends up the lesser of the two. then i find that my heart don't stop when the phone rings, wondering if it's him, and even when i see his name in the caller id, my heart don't do flip-flops anymore. i also find that i don't keep checking my phone to see if i have any msg or missed calls. and even if there's one, i don't wonder if it's him anymore.

i was chatting with him and mentioned that i'm going to hk next month, so he asked me to help him buy something... but i told him no. part of the reason is coz i'm not converting that much RM to HKD and another part is i don't want it to be an excuse for us to meet. anyway before this, it's always very difficult to say no to doing favours for him. even when i started out saying no, i'll always think of ways to make up later, or try to work something out to accomodate him. but today, i find that i feel fine for rejecting him.

i think, my heart has finally realized that he's not my problem anymore. i dun even like him that much anymore. well, good riddance to bad rubbish! hehehehe...