Saturday, October 02, 2004

mom is so cool!

hehehe... i told mom abt my latest fad: ice-skating! i was prepared to get an earful from her abt saving money and stuff... but guess what? she only said 'as long as u're happy lorrr'... kekeke... so cool huh? v(^.^)v

but i suspect her 'support' is due to my break up with my X. i told her abt his swineness and she must have been very sakit hati that her 'lil baby kena played out like that. she must have sensed my suffering, even though i didn't show it to her. so now she's very supportive when she knows i'm having fun... excessive spending is better than having my heart broken by some swine rite? kekeke... at least i'm happy :Þ

neeways, bum hurt like hell today... fell down twice on the ice yesterday! hard!!! *sigh... still trying to get used to be on the ice, finding my balance... feel so clumsy! i must go for practice more often...