Friday, October 22, 2004


hahaha... been very very bz this whole week, until no time to post in any new blogs... so now that i'm a little bit free, i'll just blog all at one go! kekeke...

neeways, for all who visit me regularly here... after u've finished reading my latest blog, just scroll down and click on the dolphin banner in my side bar... then u'll be brought to a window where they ask u to click on the 'free click to help'. just click lar... it's free and won't cost u any money, maybe just 5 seconds of ur time... imagine, just 5 seconds and u'll be able to help save marine life! anyway, u can only click once a day, so just remember to click whenever u visit, k!

and if u're free, just surf that Care2 site where u can also take actions for the rainforest, big cats, primates, children, pets, breast cancer as well as stop violence! thanks heaps!