Friday, September 10, 2004

what is it with love?

hmm... my friends and i were discussing abt my break-up, and they asked me what was it that made me like him so much. as usual, i just answered like how i always answer: 'no reason, like means like lar, how i know ar?'

but my friends, being the 'pat' ppl that they are, wouldn't let me off so easily. they said there must be a reason, just that i didn't search for the answers hard enuf. also according to them, uncovering the answers to this mystery will be very important for my next relationship. hmm... maybe they're right.

so after some soul searching, i found that the reason i 'died' in his hands is because of that comfy feeling i get when i'm with him. i'm comfy being who i am with him, no pretends. now, i'm talking abt ME and how i feel when i'm with him, not how he feels when he's with me. that's none of my bloody biz anymore, rite?

anyway, maybe that's the reason why i hurt so much. coz it's like losing myself. hmm... or it could be because the first cut is always the deepest.

hmm... i guess that saying abt love by dunno who is most true:

"i love u not because of who u are, but who i am when i'm with u"