Wednesday, February 04, 2009

post-cny post...

ok, so cny is not over yet... but for us workers, they sure as hell are! even though it's just the 10th day and i'm still getting one or two ang-pows, nothing bursts the "yay-it's-cny" bubble like having to drag urselves out of bed in the morning and sitting thru an hour of traffic to get into office on time!

on cny, it was ok lar... spent a total of 11 days at home! pure bliss, i tell u! but after all the bingeing and lazing around, it's kinda good to be back. i watched so much astro at home that i did not even touch the two books i brought home to read!

anyway, i would love to post some photos of my cny, but the very clever me brought home the camera case without the camera! ok, don't anyone mention about the weight difference and all! i was packing in a hurry and rushing to leave the house, ok?

ok, i think that should be all for now. gotta get home early and get some good rest today. stayed up late to finish up marley and me (2nd read) in prep for the movie. gosh, i always hate the part where they die in the end. cried my eyes out, which resulted in a blocked nose the entire night. and puffy eyes today. and a headache from sleeping on tear-soaked pillows! :S