Wednesday, December 10, 2008

why i love december...

1) the weather is not so hot, with more rain... ok, sometimes it's a nuisance trying to get our laundry to dry, but i'd trade this cool weather with the hot, dry and windy one typical of cny any day!

2) with the year nearly over, all the projects, contracts, scheduling etc. are done. so things in the office are generally just tying up the loose ends, planning for next year and doing the budget

3) it's the time where everyone is clearing leave! everyday, someone is surely on leave... so generally, the office is quieter and the atmosphere more relaxed

4) it's the time i get to clear off my leave! (tym, dun jealous!) so looking forward to my long leave end of the year! gonna do some serious vegetating at home! keke... :P

5) it's xmas month! not that i celebrate, but it's a good excuse for parties, right? and gift exchanges! bring out the booze, ppl! :P

6) it's the end of the year, with next year a clean slate. time to put all the bad stuff behind us, and look forward to a new year, with fresh hopes, renewed vigour, new goals and new beginning!

here's an early happy christmas and happy new year to everyone!