Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Terry Fox Run Kuala Lumpur 2008

argh, was just reminded (by auntyjo) that the Terry Fox Run will be this sunday! dang! N and i were planning to go... but did not realize it'll be so soon after my climb. i'm still nursing my muscle aches, how lar wanna run? unless someone pushes me in the wheelchair lar!

and anyway, i'm scheduled home to m'ca this weekend, so...

but i'll still go buy the t-shirt lar... just to support the cause. called up the canadian high com just now and got to know that tomorrow will be their last day selling the t-shirts at the high com. after that, we'll need to be buy them at the run location (lake gardens) on the event day.

those in KL, go for it! you can run, walk, skate, skip, push your baby's stroller, walk your dog (can ar? not too sure abt this, due to halal-haram reasons, but check with the canadian high com @ 603 2718-3333!) or whatever way you wish to propel yourself forward. and it's free! no participation fee needed and it's a non-competitive event. funds are raised through donations and t-shirt sales (RM25 per piece - to be worn during the run), and the proceeds are used for cancer research. so make it a family outing! make it a special date with your special someone! walk hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm with your best friends! it's for a good cause, after all...

anyone interested can just show up at lake gardens (tmn tasik perdana) latest by 8.45am, to be flagged off at 9.00am.

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