Thursday, August 28, 2008

bento #9: the one packed by someone else!

a 'love-hearted bento' in it's true sense! u see, i personally think that only a rice box packed for us by someone else can qualify for the term 'love-hearted bento' (ai4-xin1 pien1-tang4). it's because of the love and care someone puts into packing up the bento that such bentos are given this name in the first place.

this is my unexpected 'love-hearted bento' dinner, packed by N! fish meat with the bones picked out on the left and cauliflower, celery, carrots & prawns mixed on the right, with rice in the middle. i added on some of my usual pickles and washed it all down with one of my all-time fav drinks, self-bancuh ribena (self-bancuh to ensure it's not too sweet!).