Monday, August 11, 2008

bento #5: discounted sushi & nando's leftover

was at isetan, klcc yesterday and like i've mentioned before, i can never resist discounted food offered by supermarkets at closing time. hehe...

sushi for breakfast? yeah, i know! but heck cares... yums!

had nando's for dinner with N and since i always can't finish my 1/4 chicken meals, i decided to have them pack up my side dishes (another form of portion control, no?) for a bento lunch the next day! with that in mind, my choice of side dishes were mediterranean rice and potato salad.

added on a generous dash of prawn chilli sauce, and made tamagoyaki (click link for recipe). but tamagoyaki failed miserably, coz i waited too long to fold it. the egg were already cooked, so it refused to stick when folded, hence can't achieve the 'multi-layered' effect of a tamagoyaki. but still yummy! :)