Wednesday, August 06, 2008

bento #3: warm-hearted breakfast

went to pasar malam yesterday, and bought my fav 'everytime go pasar malam must buy' kueh, the kao-chi (or chai kueh in hokkien). bought 4 for RM2, and 4 kao-chi for breakfast is too much for one person! so decided to surprise housemate M with a warm-hearted breakfast bento! hehe...

aiyo, accidentally poked one of M's kao-chi when putting it in the box!
can see the filling spilling out on the right. sorry! hehe...

cute food containers for bento!

tried out new furoshiki tying methods today. M's (red) is "yotsu musubi", a 4 tie wrap, while mine (blue) is "futatsu tsutsumi", a 2 knots carry wrap. mine looked a bit messy, coz actually i was late for work! :P

reading up on bento, i found this site on furoshiki. actually there are many ways to tie the furoshiki. all these while, i've only used the "otsukai tsutsumi", the basic carry wrap