Tuesday, January 22, 2008

bro acting up again...

after nearly 3 years of fine health, we thot bro's bouts of fits are behind us... well, we're wrong! it happened again last week. this time, it happened at abt 6pm, while he was still in the office. mom was just abt to roast a chicken when the phone rang. it's from the bro's company, telling her that bro had blacked out from after a seizure and asked where should they send him. mom went n'hng (lemah) and couldn't response. finally dad took over the phone and asked them to call for the pantai ambulance as his medical records are there.

a scan showed that the lump in between behind his nose and brain has grown slightly since the last time he took the scan in singapore, where he went for a second opinion after his 2nd seizure. previously, the singaporean neurosurgeon said it'll be a complicated procedure to get to the lump... need to do a keratan rentas across his head to open up his skull bla bla bla. and the dental surgeon said that if he don't feel any numbness or anything, then it's better to just leave it be. so they left it be.

then last week, the pantai surgeons did an analysis on him, consulted the ENT specialist and concluded that the best way to get to the lump would be through his nose. no need to cut open his skull lar! so that's what they did on him... they found the lump to be a sort of soft bone, so they can't remove the whole thing before determining what it actually is. so they just took some samples to do a biopsy. the result would be out today...

in the mean time, bro is out from the hospital now, at home shaking legs. haha... the doctor asked him to stay until monday, but he was so bored that he insisted on going home on sat. so the doctor made him sign a disclaimer that should anything happen to him from sat to mon, the doctor would not be held responsible.

so that's that lar... have yet to call home to see if the results are out.