Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ready for release...

ok, i think i've never mentioned this before here, but maybe some of you have already noticed the logo at my sidebar, that i've became a bookcrosser recently. end of last month actually... i think the concept is simply ingenious and i love it! releasing a book and then see where it ends up... tracking a book's journey... there's a certain magical feeling to it, don't u think?

however, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for it. the few ppl i've mentioned it to, other than YH, gave me the 'are you crazy?' look. *sigh...

anyway, i'm not gonna harp on abt other ppl's opinion here. the reason for this post is this:

starter kit

the starter kit that i've ordered to prepare my books for the wild has finally arrived! so excited... it consists of bookmarks, post-it notes and bookplate labels enough for 25 books. ok, i know i can always download the softcopy file and print them out... but since this would be my first release, i wanna make it real nice. more exciting mar... will use the printouts after i finish up the kit next time.

i'm not lost - i'm on a journey! the post-it note:
post-it note

bookplate labels, explaining what to do:

and so, my first batch of books ready for release! so excited...
for release

hmm... wonder where shall i release them... anyway, here's a link to my bookshelf. not many books in there yet, coz need to register one by one take a blardy long time!

oh, and i've also joined the m'sian bookcrossers! they seem pretty active in the bookcrossing cause, having meetups every month and all that. i'll be joining their meetup for the first time this coming sunday... so excited neh!