Tuesday, December 26, 2006

lukewarm chicken shit?

*warning: ranting post ahead

what is it with ppl??? hate it when they generalise everything and just base things on their own assumption!

so i've tried learning the piano and gave it up after a while. and sold off the piano. does that make me a loser? am i supposed to keep at it even though i don't like it? would that make the whole wide world happier if i do???

everytime i tell friends what i'm doing, they would say things like "har? a new interest? so what happened to ur piano?", or "are u sure this new thing won't end up like ur piano?" urgh!!! they have to keep bringing up the blardy piano! so what if i gave it up halfway??? so shoot me!

i've been skating for nearly 3 years and i still like it, ok??? and i've been playing the cello for more than a year and i'm still passionate abt it, ok??? in fact, i'll be taking lessons from an mpo player to bring my skills to another level, ok??? and i was in KK for like more than 10 years, ok?????? does that sound like hangat-hangat tahi ayam to u???

i just don't know what is it with ppl... just because i'm passionate abt so many things? is that it?

is it wrong to wanna try things? and when we found out that the things we're trying is not what we want, not something we like, is it wrong to stop doing it? is it wrong to move on to other things? urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!