Saturday, October 07, 2006

mid-autumn night's fancy

yikes! i nearly had a heart attack when i typed in my blog url and was directed to this! someone must've hacked into my blog, deleted everything and replaced it with all those 'why' nonsense! then i realized i miss out the 'magic' in the url. *phew* hehe...

neeways... spent the mid-autumn festival alone at home yesterday. normally, N's mom would ask me over for dinner and later we would sit around to chat or play tanglung supervise N's younger cousins while they play tanglung. but this year, N's mom is tied up with something and N needs to go to her friend's bachelor's night thingy.

so that left me alone at home (housemates balik-ed kampung), with only kim sam soon for companion. L called to ask if i wanna go to K's 'moon night' party, but i wanna stay home anyway... nothing like spending a cool n quiet night with oneself, watching a good movie (ok, 'k-drama' in this case), with a few packets of 'rangup dan menyelerakan' mamee within reach, a tumbler-full of cold ribena on the night stand... ah, life is bliss...

can't see anything in the sky last night, save a thick blanket of greyish matter! *sigh* and seeing i din have any tanglung, i lighted this on my windowsill instead (lights off for added effect).