Wednesday, August 09, 2006

when i hear...

it's funny how sometimes, when we hear a certain song, we will be reminded of something, someone, someplace or sometime, even without our meaning to.
some of the things that pop into my mind when i hear (in no particular order):

wind of change - scorpions
my secondary school seniors... heard them belting out this song one day (the senior's block is just next to our form 1 block). since then, whenever i hear this song, i'll think of them.

summer nights (from grease) - john travolta & olivia newton john
the time where my bunch of friends and i presented this medley of oldies for teacher's day. this was one of the songs featured. i think we did snippets from 14 songs? forgot the exact number. now whenever i hear this song, i'll look back in sweet fondness at our innocent (albeit amateurish) love for putting on shows (we were such drama queens!). but eeeeaaak! quite memalukan also! :Þ

there you'll be - faith hill
i'm like a bird - nelly furtado
my very first job after graduation. instead of working hard, my friend n i spent our working time listening to amp radio (online) and kept sending in requests to play this 2 songs over n over again! haha...

wonderful tonight – eric clapton
when you say nothing at all – ronan keating
x. the 2 songs he sang most frequently to me, while playing the guitar.

hu tie fei ah (fly, butterfly)
hong ching thing (red dragonfly)
- both by xiao hu dui (little tiger group?)
my kk days... taking a respite between our drillings and music sessions, we'd all sit at the tepi longkang and sing songs, and most of our songs were by this group. ah, those innocent days!

bie pha wo shang xin ('don't be afraid to hurt me' or more literally, 'don't worry i'll be sad') - jeff chang
a certain lengchai (i don't even know his name!) from my guitar group. i think i was in form 3 or 4 then. one day, this lengchai kor-kor took out the chords for this song and requested our teacher to teach us play it. and everytime we play this song, i won't be playing... i'd be drooling at the lengchai kor-kor! kekeke...

well, there are more, but these are all i can think of for now.