Tuesday, May 16, 2006

sick of...

~ my manager - how to expect ppl to show respect with that kinda attitude problem?
~ my day job - dragging my feet to work everyday!
~ my freelance - what a chore!
~ my financial state - stifling... when will it end???
~ mr. talk-too-much - stupid. dun even know that ppl are not interested in all his gabbing!
~ mom's constant question abt my still being single - in every phone conversation and my trip home! without fail!!!
~ commuting to & from work - think sardines n u'll get what i mean...
~ my body shape - seriously need to diet! but u know, i've been fat all my life! can't remember any single moment in my life of ever being slim... *sigh*
~ life in general - weak, spiritless, demotivated, lethargic...