Thursday, January 05, 2006

brimming with life

started off this year in high spirits. dunno y, been feeling positively happy of late. i'm even waking up with a smile in the mornings! crazy or what?

i find that i'm getting more and more involved in GCO, musically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. i feel that my contributions, however little they may be, are really being appreciated. it's really a very warm and fun group! so happy to have the opportunity to be part of them... n oh, the joys of playing music again! it's like food to my starved soul...

anyway, i think i've not mentioned that i've taken up yoga... been at it for more than 1 month now. though some of the movements are very erm... 'challenging', but it feels so good to stretch! all my rusty joints and parts needed it so badly! and for someone who thinks climbing up the stairs hard labour, i reckon it'll do me some good to sweat like a pig once a week. one thing i like about yoga is its slow and calculated moves. no panting and jumping for me! and i love the 'sleeping' part at the end! hehe...

other than that, am still keeping an active interest in ice-skating. see, contrary to what ppl say, i CAN stick to something if i like it enough. after all, i've stuck to kk for 12 years, haven't i?

well, as with last year, i didn't really make a new year's resolution coz i dun really believe in it. i mean, y must resolutions only be made at the beginning of the year? i think if we're resolute enough, we can make it anytime we want! but whatever it is, i'm starting this year with a brand new attitude and outlook in life. was chatting with sc the other day, and found what she's said to be most true: happiness is a choice. y torture ourselves with depression and misery when we can choose to be happy? so unfair to ourselves, rite?

here's to a wonderful and victorious year ahead!