Monday, November 21, 2005

sudden inspiration...

as i was on my way to the lrt station this morning, i suddenly went *ding* with an inspiration! hehehe... i can print out copies of flyers that said: "THE WORLD IS NOISY ENOUGH AS IT IS NOW WITHOUT THE LIKES OF YOU CONTRIBUTING FURTHER TO THE NOISE POLUTION!!", and whenever i see a car with exhaust pipe (hole) larger than a 50 sen coin, i'll stick one on the windshield wiper! or if the car is moving, i'll flag it down frantically (as if i have something very VERY important to tell them) and just coolly hand one to the driver! ingenious or what? *grin*

on a more serious note, i think the gov should impose a ban on such a stupid thing! and the penalty for having an exhaust pipe larger (and noisier) than the gov-accepted one? to have the offender's leg stuffed into the said exhaust pipe for a full 24 hours! what are those drivers trying to prove with their dinosaur-sounding exhaust anyway? *rolling eyes*