Tuesday, November 22, 2005

maybe u know...

was just doing some housekeeping in my e-mail folders when i came across this e-mail between bro and i, dated somewhere in feb 2001. the subject title is as above.


stargal wrote:
hey, pk n i were just chatting one night (into the wee hours), when dunno how come i came to the subject of our little brother... remember him? so i told her the tragedy, how it happened n all... i know we had not mentioned it for a long time, but i still think of him sometimes... how different things will be if he's still around. that night with pk, it occured to me that i don't know what happened to his remains... maybe u know, coz u were older. i was too young to remember the details, n anyway mom left me with 'poh-poh', so i don't exactly know what happened. did u go to the funeral? was he buried, or cremated? if buried, where? if cremated, what happened to his ashes? also, it occured to me that i had already lost one brother, i can't afford to lose another. so be careful in whatever u do, ok?

bro wrote:
Yeah.... now u remind me.... the only thing I remember was u, Poh Poh and I went to the hospital morque where he lay in the casket. I dun really know what happened after that after we took a bus back to Mata Kuching. Now that u ask me, I am also wondering........ could it have something to do with the green plaque placed at the butsudan? Maybe his ashes were scattered at sea. I really do think the plaque is really the only connection we have with him. Oh, well, if he's still around, most probably he'll be entering Uni this year....... if he never got that JPA scholarship in F5......

I can sense u are getting really melancholic aren't u? I feel the same way bout u - u take care too.

P/s - u will forget everything bout me when u find some guy to fall in love with.... :) So, what the heck are u waiting for?

stargal wrote:
eh, don't say like that leh... u will always be my favourite bro (not that i have any other choice! ahahaha...)