Friday, September 23, 2005

fire drill

have not experienced a fire drill since i joined this company, so gotta admit it was kinda exciting this morning, coz they really do it big around here. but too bad, i was having a departmental breakfast meeting at starbucks at the time, so i missed the 'panic' of walking down the stairs! *phew*

anyway, i must say this is the biggest fire drill i've ever experienced in terms of scale. firefighters, police squads and ambulances, not to mention safety officers and first aid teams were everywhere! and the people! i think we filled up 1/2 of the KLCC park... well, that's not really surprising, coz it involved all 5k or so staff from both towers. but i bet we created quite a sensation among shoppers in the Suria coz i was approached by 2 ppl, asking me what happened (maybe coz i was holding the placard showing my tower and level on the way back to the office) kekeke... neeways, everything went in quite an organized way, with everyone knowing what they were doing and the rest of us being steered like obedient sheeps to our own designated spots. well, luckily it wasn't particularly sunny today, tho' we still sweated like pigs despite all the mineral water distributed.