Thursday, August 11, 2005

oh hazy day!


the golf course view from my apartment at around 6.30pm yesterday. the haze situation in KL is getting really bad. it has even seeped its way into Suria (KLCC) and the whole shopping complex took on a sureal look. so scary... now even non-middle eastern women (here on vacations by the busloads) are having their faces covered. it's like the SARS scare all over again...

well, was thinking of getting a mask for myself, since i had to walk to and from the lrt station everyday. but when i went to the pharmacy and asked for a face mask yesterday, i was shown to the aisle displaying facial mask! the promoter even asked me if i wanted the cooling one or the mud mask! *rolling eyes* maybe i should've said 'surgical mask' instead, but still...

yesterday proved to be the worst case so far, with KL City Centre reaching 460 API at 3pm (*note: this info was received via e-mail yesterday. but today's newspaper stated that yesterday's API was actually 181). it's been announced that an emergency would only be declared if the API reaches 500. here's an API descriptor for reference:

0-50 good
51-100 moderate
101-200 unhealthy
201-300 very unhealthy
>300 hazardous

i think by the time the API do reach 500, there won't be any need to declare emergency anymore as everyone would have died from suffocation already!