Wednesday, June 15, 2005

is it all in the clothes?

despite having a wardrobe filled to the point of exploding, i still end up standing in front of it for a full 10 minutes every morning and not finding anything to wear! y is that??? n i noticed that i wear the same clothes to work every week. *sigh...

a friend once told me (after making observations to what i normally wear) that i need to do away with such conservative clothes and start donning 'nicer' clothes. hmm... yeah, if i had a nicer (read: slimmer) body, of course lar i won't mind wearing all those 'nice' clothes.

stop! what's with all those "inverted commas"?? ok, lemme explain. after making some observations of my own, i've come to the conclusion that most clothes that passed off as 'nice' (there goes those inverted stuff again!) are clothes that are either stringed, laced, -less (as in sleeveless & strapless), short (in terms of skirts), bare- (as in bareback), low cut, see through etc. hmm...

points to ponder for the week: Don't Judge the Book by its Cover vs. It's the Clothes that Makes the Man (in this case, Woman).

for me, i go for comfy. i'd definitely not torture myself into wearing heals when i know i have to walk a lot. so naturally flats will be my choice for the office (coz of the lrt ride, remember?), instead of those healed strappy thingy. and that's also the reason y i dun wear skirts anymore. how can one walk briskly in short skirts? i know some ppl can, but i can't, ok?

neeways, back to my overstuffed wardrobe. as stressed in my previous post, i think i'm getting fatter. most of my clothes in the closet seem to accentuate my tush and i really am not being paranoid here! i've played with thoughts of clearing out those i-wish-i-could-still-but-can't-anymore clothes and i'll-wear-it-someday clothes, but would never get down to actually doing it, always giving one or a combination or ALL of the following reasons:
1) lazy
2) sayang to give away
3) hey, some of it are brand new, ok? i've not worn it even once!
4) lazy
5) some other time lar
6) there's still *crushing all the clothes to one side with an effort* space wat.....
7) i'll do it when i move - i'll be moving soon anyway (something i've been saying for like 100 years)
8) what will i wear when i give it all away?? (not that i actually wear them, but it makes good excuse)
9) lazy
10) i might slim down one day and be able to fit into it

so the fact remains that the dem closet is exploding and i have no clothes to wear... *sigh...