Wednesday, February 16, 2005

it's really a wonder with some ppl...

hmm... some ppl really have the guts n u just gotta respect their courage, if not their intentions... well, there's this clg who shamelessly goes ard asking for ang-pao from all the married clgs in the office... whenever she has any chance to talk to anyone who's married, she'll spew out all those cny greetings, always ending with 'hong pao na lai' n putting out her palm. *raised eyebrows* is that really necessary? when she does it in front of me, i'll feel so embarrassed for her. i mean, it's not that she's very young still, for crying out loud. when a few of my clgs gave me red packets, i'll even feel pai-seh to take it. it's not like they're my relatives or anything, and in the office, we're sorta like equals... so a bit shy to receive red packets from them... it's like receiving ang-pao from ur frens... so weird.

there's this clg, same age as me, who got married late last year... then yesterday, when she saw me, she scolded me for not going over to her place (we're at different sections in the office) to 'pai-nien' with her. she said she's been looking for me to give me ang-pao, but i'm always not at my place (first day at work yesterday, so kinda bz). so pai-seh neh! dunno whether to go or not, feel like so weird. but in the end, still went over with a mandarin orange lar, coz she's asked me to.

one of the dreaded things during cny is when the older relatives will ask u when are u gonna start distributing red packets instead of always collecting it. but i think for my case, i'm considered lucky coz i'm the youngest among all the cousins, n there are still older cousins who are single. so even tho' my being a singleton is still being discussed, the pressure's not that great. i'm still 'young' in their eyes! *grin*