Tuesday, December 28, 2004

just one of those days

my fren in US, lotsachi, pointed me to her fren's blog, "of memoirs and musings" and i was really impressed by her writing! the first time i went to her site, i was like 'WOW'... go have a look when u have time. i think this gal is extremely talented, not only in her writings, but also in photography! n lotsachi told me she can act very well too! multi-talented gal lar... below is a poem i 'stole' from her blog that i'd like to share with u, with her permission of course! i think this poem is something most of us can relate to, we all feel this way at one point or other in our lives.

Just one of those bloody days
When you thought it would feel better to swear
only to feel worse when you do
When you regret letting words fly in anger
though you knew that such damage cannot wholly be undone
When you feel like shutting up and caring less
for the world seems to tire of you these days
Alas, my conscience can only suffer this much

Just one of those wretched days
When you wish your heart could no longer feel
so that you are spared the hurt and pain
When you think that having a sensitive nature
is seriously heavens' little joke on you
When you want to just give up
analyzing and deconstructing that thing called love
Alas, my heart can only take this much

Just one of those forsaken days
When you wonder could it just be you having PMS
or that no one told you it was Global PMS Week
When your spirits feel the weight of living
and lightness of the heart does not come easy
When your Chance cards run out
and your guardian angel's gone on extended vacation
Alas, my patience can only stretch this much

Just one of those tired days
When you go round and round in circles
or that you can't take a step forward nor a step back
When your mindless life feels like
brush-teeth water swirling down the toilet sink
When you don't think it is scary
to wish you went to asleep and never to awake
Alas my body can only support this much

Just one of those solemn days
When you lie awake with bittersweet insomnia
seeking solace in marathon Jay therapy sessions
When you long for the simplicity of days gone by
among rubber trees, monitor lizards and bikes with no brakes
When you cover your tear-stained face and finally close your eyes
to pray that tomorrow could just be a tad bit kinder

and that someone still hears your heart's whispers
for alas, my soul can only bear this much

now, i can NEVER write like that... i'm not that creative with words. so now u see how i'm in the wrong field? so pai-seh to call myself a 'copywriter'... should change that to 'kopi maker'! and i can't make a decent cup of coffee other than those 3-in-1 things! *sigh...