Wednesday, October 13, 2004

savings plan B

there wasn't even a plan A! hahahaha...

ok ok... here's my savings plan:

1. can only spend RM10 per day on meals.

- i find that i spend too much on meals. i dun even bat an eyelid when dishing out RM50 for just one meal!!! crazy!!! this has got to stop!

2. write down every sen i spend in a day.

- this will help me see where my money is going... and then cut down on unnecessary things...

3. put aside a fixed amount of money every month

- ...then die-die survive on the remainder after deducting all the expenses.

gotta be more disciplined with my finances... so that i can save enuf money to buy my skates!!! kakakakaka... yep, still obsessed with it! peace