Monday, September 20, 2004


saw in the paper today abt the 2 teenage boys who were killed in a road accident... these kinda things always evoke in me a sense of unpredictability of life. life can be snuffed out just like that. one minute u'll be sitting here, checking ur e-mail or laughing at something ur frens said, and the next minute, u'll be dead! *poof* just like that... it's pretty scary... but that's life, i guess...

some of the questions i'll ponder sometimes:
1) what if i die today?
2) would my short years as ME made any difference in anyone's life?
3) what would i have left behind?
4) what would ppl say abt me in my eulogy?
5) would anyone (other than my parents n dear ole bro - coz i KNOW they would) actually cry for me?
6) would i have died satisfied, thinking "hey, that was a good life"?
7) would anyone even think of me once in a while after a few years?

sometimes, seeing that life is so unpredictable, we'll realize that some of the things that seemed really important is not such a big deal after all. does it matter if that colleague in the next cubicle is talking way too loudly on the phone? does it matter if ur body is not at its ideal shape n size? does it matter if u can't afford designer clothes all the time? does it matter if u don't get that bloody raise ur boss's been promising u? *sigh...

i mean, on one hand, ppl keep telling u that u need to plan for ur future, for ur future family, children, life, bla bla bla... but on the other hand, while pursuing all these things, have u really lived? i mean REALLY LIVED??? and while we're at it, what does LIVING really means in its actual sense?

life is such a mind-boggling affair...