Wednesday, September 29, 2004

those were the days...

'borrowed' this out from biow's blog... (seemes like i'm always 'borrowing' stuff from her blog! hehehe...)


these are the stuff i made for her in our younger days... with that, i mean in our secondary school days lar... we would see each other for kote' practice practically EVERY sunday, and yet we still write letters to each other. REAL hand-written letters mind u, with real papers n envelopes n stamps n stuff. we even have those really nice letter pads with matching envelopes... hehehe... so we'll include these little-little stuff we made in our letters... hmm... i must go back home n rummage thru my 'treasure box' to look for the stuff she sent me. i'm sure i still have it, coz i'm not the kind to throw away stuff.

that bookmark with the red japanese gal, i even made the 'background' paper myself! i wanted to make it like those store-bought-and-very-expensive recycled paper, with flower petals 'embedded' into it, so i used the 'bunga kertas' (what's that called in english?) from my mom's garden. kekeke... really crazy. *sigh... those were the days without internet (huh?) and paid tv (u mean like those cable tv they have in US?). hahaha... no wonder my school results sucks, with all the time spent making these things!

anyway, i was an avid letter-writer last time... i even had a few pen-pals from australia and germany as well as some local ones. hmm... i think pen-pals are a thing of the past in this age of the internet. what a pity... i even became a stamp collector in the process! hehehehe...

hmm... but now, i've not been hand-making anything for years!! i dun even write letters anymore. the only things i actually send off in the mail are store-bought cards n contest forms... that also, i get the dispatcher in my office to help me send it. fast n convenient! kekeke... :Þ