Monday, September 27, 2004

my weekend

first, i'm gonna blog abt my first ice-skating lesson on fri... it was so great!! so happy... well, i think i did ok, considering it was my first time on the ice. learned how to glide, swivel forward n backwards, n twist forward n backwards... anyway, i'm still getting used to the ice n skates... but i think i'm gonna love it, tho' not the muscle-ache after that! hopefully it'll help burn some fat off my tush! hehehe...

then on sat, had a gathering with some of my ex-colleagues from my ex-company... there were 7 of us present, only 2 still in that company. anyway, was really happy to see them. had a good time talking n gossiping... hehehe... i'm the youngest in the bunch, some of them nearing their 40s n are mommies already! but age doesn't seem to get in the way, as we had a really good time. it's nice to have a bunch of frens to act silly with sometimes, regardless of the age gap. i tell myself i'm gonna be like that too when i'm nearing my 40s or whatever age... hehehe... be young at heart!

and at night, was the emcee for that talk i mentioned in my previous blog... didn't go that well, tho', stumbled with a few words... was so nervous! hmm... i hope i'll get more opportunity to do it in the future. would love to contribute whatever i can and at the same time, train my public speaking skills (n nerves!).

then on sunday nite (yesterday lar), i went back to uni for our choir reunion... even tho' i dunno most of the juniors, but it's nice to meet some of the seniors... really brings back fond memories of our choir days last time... we joined the juniors in their practice, tho' we really sounded awful, coz have not been singing since leaving uni. but it was fun! hehehe... had some good laugh!

so... that's my happy weekend briefly! but with so many activities going on, i regret to say that i'm behind in my work... *sigh...