Saturday, September 04, 2004

more time pls...

just heard from M that after going thru many begs, sms, explanations etc, she's finally gotten the RC to take in just one more recruit. i'm so grateful to her, coz i missed their recruitment and now it's closed.

after leaving uni, i've always wanted to sing again in a choir... but nvr got round to it. now, no matter what, i must stick to it coz it's my passion! i can't keep doing things halfway. looking back, i've abandoned many projects n classes n courses, that i've nvr really mastered any of them... *sigh... but now, i must live up to our kotekitai's motto of 'NEVER GIVE UP'. once an AOP, always an AOP!

now that i'm single again, i suddenly have this new found energy n interests in many things... so u see guys, i'm well on my way to a quick recovery! nvr thot it possible just a few days ago! neeways, other than joining choir, i'm looking into taking up ice-skating. hahaha... i know that's pretty weird, but i dunno... i just felt like doing it.

n other than that, i'm also planning to re-learn my japanese on my own, which i've abandoned since leaving uni. i HOPE to do that on weekends. really a waste to just throw it all away, rite? FIY, i've still not abandoned my hopes to go to japan, so maybe my japanese proficiency would come in handy one day! ;)

hmm... i think all that should keep me pretty bz... considering i'm working 2 jobs! just hope i'll have time left for my leisure readings...